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Atlassian JIRA

Atlassian JIRA

JIRA is a tool of Altassian company which is used to manage project in terms of its implementation, control, collaboration, sharing and exchange of information and task management. JIRA allows users to track business processes and errors.
Using this tool allows improvement of project implementation control. One can easily assign and control tasks, monitor and manage bugs and problems.
JIRA provides notifying individual team members about the progress of their work, assigned tasks and critical points.
Each member involved in the project realization has permanent access to reliable and precise information about the progress and stage of the process, about which is kept informed by e-mail.
Altassian's tool also provides an automatic reporting of all relevant stages of the process, the amount of solved, unresolved or in progress issues and exceeded deadlines.

Different organizations use JIRA for tracking different kinds of issues. Depending on how an organization uses JIRA, an issue could represent a software bug, a project task, a helpdesk ticket, a leave request form, etc.

Core3 has led and deployed project which aimed to implement Purchase Order Process (POP) in JIRA for company to streamline the process of communication between the client, contractor and subcontractor in terms of valuation, preparation and reception of the orders. POP has been divided into three different but linked processes with proper object representation and workflow adequate to proper business process.

Core3 was responsible for:

  •             gathering the requirements;
  •             conducting business analysis;
  •             process modeling;
  •             implementation;
  •             supplying the product, which was JIRA project describing POP;
  •             preparing business documentation and user manuals;
  •             conducting training for employees regarding using the tool.