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Amdocs Clarify CRM

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a model for managing a company’s interactions with current and future customers. Amdocs provides CRM solutions as ClarifyCRM system that manages the complete customer lifecycle and enables them to identify, service, retain, and grow profitable customer relationships. Fundamental roles of ClarifyCRM system are:

  • stores data about customers, the services and products they purchased and agreements they signed;
  • supports sales processes;
  • supports the Call Centers work – logs customer's contacts, displays the history of invoices and payments, helps with handling complaints, etc;
  • supports the processes associated with activation, deactivation, blocking and unblocking services;
  • supports the processes of handling failures (reported by customers and registered internally).

Clarify system works in three-tier architecture: Clarify client application - server tuxedo - Clarify database server. Client applications connect to the tuxedo server which performs operations on Clarify DB server. Clarify development process is performed in ClearBasic language (similar to VisualBasic), PL/SQL scripts and cbBatch scripts (runs on tuxedo server and currently running on database server).

Core3 provided IT solutions for large alternative fixed operator in Poland. We managed, developed and analyzed customizations to ClarifyCRM, cooperating systems and interfaces between those systems. Our team provided the whole process of implementing changes to the ClarifyCRM, such as preparation of:

  • Feasibility Study (FS);
  • Detailed Technical Design (DTD);
  • source code changes;
  • functional and regression tests (+ test scripts);
  • tracking and correcting of bugs.

Our team also took part in migration of customers process from WLR (Wholesale Line Rental), BSA (Bitstream Access), WLR+BSA to coppery technology on Client's transmission lines. Our responsibilities included participating in meetings, gathering requirements and preparing customer's database for migration.