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ETL Development

ETL Development

Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) is a process of migrating data from multiple different sources to . It provides:

  • the capability of extracting a vide variety of data (from databases, flat files, file servers) with significant format differences as well as size differences,
  • the ability to convert the data from sources in a way, that target systems would be able to incorporate it,
  • the capability of loading the data to target systems (to databases, flat files etc.).

ETL provides a tool to unify and merge large and diverse data into one homogeneous format. It is extremely useful when talking about large raporting systems, data warehouses as well as enterprise organizations fusions.


Core3 provides services in all phases of ETL process of a fusion of two well known banks in Europe. We take part in:

  • analyzing and designing of ETL flows,
  • preparing MFS (Detailed technical design) documents of ETL flows,
  • developing ETL flows,
  • unit-testing ETL flows,
  • performing data profiling process of source systems,
  • creating reconciliation engine - a tool to verify the correctness of migration process, integration tests and UAT support.