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Consultant no 4

Has over 6 years of professional experience in the information technology industry. He is a dependable and inventive IT Professional with first-class analytical and problem solving skills. Valued contributor who performs confidently and quickly grasps new concepts and technical skills. Excellent communicator and good listener, willing to help and motivate others to achieve targets. During his career he was involved almost in all stages of IT projects, primarily for Telecommunications Providers. He was also playing enterprise architecture roles and implementation roles as an IT Specialist at Global Business Solutions. Currently, he is a Consultant playing a role of Solution Architect in projects for largest operator in Poland. He was also taking a part as a Solution Architect in projects for GTS Poland and playing a role of CRM Analyst at largest alternative fixed operator in Poland. As an Analyst and Solution Architect he has gained experience in domains of CRM, Networks and Operations Support Systems.

Additional Info

  • Target roles:

    Analysis, Gathering Requirements, Solution Architecture, Software Development, Team Leading

  • Experience snapshot:

    XII.2011 - NOW Core3 – Solution Architect for largest operator in Poland As a Consultant in Core3 is currently a Solution Architect in a IT Architecture Department in largest operator in Poland. Within his responsibilities lie mainly requirements and scope analysis, feasibility study, solution's design and finally preparation of High Level Design documents. Among others there are also supervision and documentation completeness assurance, analysts team leading and knowledge sharing. Ssuccessfully lead two projects throught tests and deployment. He has also analysed and prepared HLD documentation for other five projects.


    II.2012 - VIII.2012 Core3 – Solution Architect for largest provider of telecommunications equipment, He has taken a part as a Solution Architect in a Core3's project run for major polish IT company. Within his responsibilities lied mainly requirements and scope analysis, feasibility study, solution's design and finally preparation of High Level Design documents. He has also taken a part a project manager and partially a team leader.

    II.2011 - XII.2011 Core3 – Solution Architect for telecom operator. He has taken a part as a Solution Architect in a vendor's projects run for telecom operator. Within his responsibilities lied mainly requirements and scope analysis, feasibility study, solution's design and finally preparation of High Level Design documents. As a vendor’s architect he was also responsible for supervision and detailed documentation completeness assurance, knowledge sharing and partially development team leading. The project mainly regarded Order Management of one of the Voice products. While the solution introduced a couple of components in operator's integrated system architecture, it also heavily used the existing ones, being utilized to maximum extent and hence allowing to keep optimum costs of migration. Another obstacle in this project was that it has been run together with a big architecture transformation program and has to be deployed in only partially completed environment. Mostly covered areas were CRM, OM, OV and System Integration.


    II.2010-II.2010 Core3 – CRM Analyst for largest alternative fixed operator in Poland He has joined the group of largest alternative fixed operator in Poland CRM analysts team on February 2010. During this time he prepared several analysis to CRM customizations based on business requirements. He also analyses and resolves trouble tickets and supports tests and deployment of largest alternative fixed operator in Poland CRM software, while gaining from an opportunity of working with many related system components using different technologies. At the same time he also supports management of a small team of Core3 developers at largest alternative fixed operator in Poland. The team is developing customizations to CRM and related systems (e.g. EAI).

    Functional scope of works executed covers:

    - Work Order Management

    - Inter-Operator Order Management

    - Customer Interaction Management

    - Customer Data Management

    - Trouble Ticketing (Customer and Network)

    - Customer Order Entry


    I.2010 - II.2010 Core3 – Intranet application design and development for Telecom Operator He was responsible for design and development of an internal web application developed by Core3 at Major polish mobile operator. He also took part in valuation process and prepared documentation. The application is used to handle bids on building BTS towers.


    XI.2008 - I.2010 Global Business Solutions for public sector. As an IT Specialist he was responsible for analysis, design and development of several J2EE based web and integration solutions during PESEL2, CRS and CUBE I & II projects in Ministry of Interior and Administration (Poland). He was also leading a team responsible for development of service and integration layers of prepared solutions. He contributed on the project by successful accomplishment of significant independent initiatives allowing the team of gaining on efficiency and quality. He also has taken an important part during the development-methods elaboration, working out development patterns and standards for current and future projects.

    Gained experience includes:

    - SOA modelling and development of server-side components -Integration solutions delivery with Websphere Message Broker 7.0, Websphere MQ and Websphere Service Registry and Repository

    - Web services modelling and development with Rational Software Architect on Websphere Application Server 7.0

    - Database modelling and DB2 development


    XI.2006 - XII.2012 Provider of telecommunications equipment for Telecom Operator. He was a developer during Amdocs ClearSales SFA system implementation in Largest alternative fixed operator in Poland. The system delivered Sales Force Automation functionality, extending existing Clarify CRM system functionality and sharing the database with the CRM system. The implementation challenges involved application of complex Amdocs J2EE based web technology and very rapid system delivery (6 months from start of analysis to go-live). Solution included management of workflow (Sales process workflow, Task management), Customer Data Management, Customer Care scripting and several others functionalities. After go-life he was assigned to support customization process. Experience gained within: -Usage of Model-View-Component architecture in J2EE -Development in Java, JSP, HTML and Javascript -Oracle and PL/SQL language VII.2006 - VIII.2006 Private Sector, United Kingdom, London He was participating as an intern in PHP and web-development courses. Afterwards, he was performing as a developer of a web-application SupaBeats. The application was based on PHP, Flash and MySql. He has successfully implemented parts of the application in cooperation with Flash artists and web designers.

  • Education:

    Warsaw University of Technology, Computer Engineering. At 2009 he got master's degree in the faculty of Computer Science, specialization IT Systems Engineering, Thesis Title: "Multimedia presentation control with a web camera and a laser pointer".

  • Key Skills:

    Very good knowledge of: Java EE, SOA, EJB 3.0, JSP, JSF, Servlets, XSLT, XSLFO Java, C#, C++, C programming languages, Relational data bases (Oracle, DB2), JDBC, JPA Good knowledge of: UML specification language and modeling concepts, WS-Security, LTPA, SAML, x509, PHP, HTML, Javascript Windows API, MFC, Ms .NET framework, Ms ASP, OpenGL Usage of: Rational Software Architect, Websphere Integration Developer, Websphere Message Broker Toolkit, Rational Team Concert,