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Consultant no 1

Has over 8 years of experience in the information technology industry. During his career he was involved at all stages of IT projects, primarily for Telecommunications Providers. He was also playing enterprise/solution architecture roles, implementation roles and test management roles. As an Analyst and Solution Architect he has gained experience with domains of CRM, Networks and Operations Support Systems.


Additional Info

  • Target roles:

    Solution and Software Architecture, Analysis, Gathering Requirements, Software Development, Team Leading.

  • Experience snapshot:

    I.2011 - NOW Core3 – Architecture Consulting for Telecom Operator. He was a eader of Technical Stream during the second phase of the Architecture Transformation Program at Largest alternative fixed operator in Poland. His team main responsibility were analysis and design for the Order Management solution in Largest alternative fixed operator altogether with integration and adjustments to OSS and BSS domains.


    IX.2009 - XII.2010 Core3– CRM Consulting for Telecom Operator. As a Consultant in Core3 has joined the group of Largest alternative fixed operator in Poland CRM analysts team on September 2009. During this time he prepared several analysis to CRM customizations based on business requirements. At the same time he also manages small team of Core3 developers at Largest alternative fixed operator in Poland. The team is developing customizations to CRM and related systems (e.g. EAI).

    Functional scope of works executed covers:
    • Customer Interaction Management
    • Customer Data Management
    • Trouble Ticketing (Customer and Network)
    • Work Order Management Customer Order Entry


    VII.2010 - VIII.2010 Core3 – Business Process Consulting for Telecom Operator. He has been a responsible for defining of Trouble Ticketing processes across the company (covering network TT, IT TT and complaints). Detailed design, implementation, configuration of roll-out of target TT solution based on Jira technology for Startup Mobile Operator in Southern Europe.


    XII. 2009 - I.2010 Core3 – Intranet application analysis for Telecom Operator. He was responsible for collecting requirements for internal web application developed by core3 at Major polish mobile operator. He also took part in acceptance tests. The application is used to handle bids on building BTS towers.



    II.2010 - III.2010 Core3 for Telecom Operator. He prepared analysis, technical solution description and project plan of Emergency Call Localization Handling IMS Service for Major polish mobile operator during pre-sales phase. This work was carried out in placing joint offer of core3 with major Polish IT company. During his employment at Core3, he was also involved in designing and creating two products. The first one is client-server mobile and web application for backup, synchronization and easy management of contacts on multiple handsets. And the second one is specialized social networking portal.


    XII.2007 - I.2009 Early IMS Telecom Operator in Poland Solution Architect responsible for designing several integration solutions during delivery phase of IMS solution in Major polish mobile operator.


    I.2009 - IX.2009 Video Streaming and Media Delivery Platform, Telecom Operator in Poland Solution Architect responsible for designing, developing and delivery of monitoring solution for whole platform at Major polish mobile operator.


    VIII.2008 - X.2008 IBM Netcool and Ericsson OSS-RC upgrade, Telecom Operator in Poland He was involved in IBM Netcool upgrade in Major polish mobile operator. He was responsible for integrating Ericsson OSS-RC Probes and Alcatel-Lucent Switches.


    IX.2009 - X.2007 Telecom Operator in Poland Development team leader during Amdocs ClearSales SFA system implementation in Largest alternative fixed operator in Poland. The system delivered Sales Force Automation functionality, extending existing Clarify CRM system functionality and sharing the database with the CRM system. The implementation challenges involved application of complex Amdocs J2EE based web technology and very rapid system delivery (6 months from start of analysis to go-live). Solution included management of workflow (Sales process workflow, Task management), Customer Data Management, Customer Care scripting and several others functionalities. After go-life he was assigned to support customization process.


    III.2005 - III.2006 Business Social Networking Webportal He was an author, architect, and leading developer of first and the biggest polish business social networking portal.


    VII.2004 - IX.2004 Developer (Internship), Telecom Operator in Poland During his internship he was developing applications in Java, C++ and .NET. He also was responsible for performance analysis of several web applications and supporting OverTheAir Provisioning Solution.


    IX.2003 - III.2005 Independent Professional/Developer, Various Customers in Poland Directly delivered services to several customers. He specialized in Web Development. As an example he developed a set of applications supporting training process for Polish professional training company.

  • Education:

    Warsaw University of Technology, Computer Engineering.