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Friday, 21 September 2012 16:10

Ongoing EAI platform development service

We provided services as a team of consultants focused on development of EAI platform. Our consultants were engaged on analysis  and implementation stage. Our team implemented solutions end-to-end, supports system and integration testing.

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We are regularly contracted to provide consulting services for high level process and requirement analysis for all major BSS systems and we were responsible for preparation of RFP’s based on the results during startup of Mobile Operator (CRM, Billing, Order Management and Business Intelligence).

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We were responsible for building complete solution for Trouble Ticketing processes (covering network TT, IT TT and complaints) to a newly launched Mobile Operator covering all customer segments. Consulting covered:
·      Requirements gathering across the company
·      Building business processes
·      Detailed technical design
·      Analysis of available products based on gathered requirements
·      Implementation based on Jira technology
·      Trainings for over 100 end-users
·      Support for the solution

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Delivered middleware solution is a custom mediation application integrating two complex systems via WebService interfaces. Thanks to our product, two QA  (Quality Assurance) Systems belonging to major telecommunication service providers, can transparently communicate with each other despite significant differences (capabilities, complexity, asynchrounous vs synchronous communication).
Middleware provides custom and extensive field mapping between exchanged messages. Usage of Java mapping library Dozer, adds flexibility to most frequently changed parts of application. Middleware introduces Quartz scheduler to assure retry mechanism for sending messages. Each transaction is persisted into database. Product is provided in a clustered environment of both database and application server, that guarantees High Availability and Fault Tolerance of this solution.

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Thursday, 20 September 2012 17:17

Design of provisioning system customizations

We provided technical design for further customizations of EMA provisioning system used in Major Polish Mobile operator. The solution to support emergency calls on IMS platform.

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