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About Us

Acting in IT services industry

core3 is an IT services company focusing on IT consulting, system delivery and out-tasking. Our mission is to build a company that will be widely accredited for its quality, for meeting and exceeding our customer’s expectations and for its unmatched delivery performance.

core3 is more than a IT technology company, and more than IT consulting company. We blend the best of the two worlds. Our consultants will surprise you both with their deep understanding of technology and with their remarkable acumen in business process matters.

core3’s expertise covers various business processes, technologies and industries. In particular we have very deep understanding of telecommunications industry where we deliver most of our services. Most of our consultants understand end-to-end the way IT supported business process of a Telco work. They also understand standards such as TM Forum NGOSS, Open Group standards and others.

From IT system domain perspective, we primarily focus on the areas of:

  • Customer, Service and Resource Order Management
  • Enterprise Integration
  • Product Catalogues
  • Workforce Management
  • Provisioning/Activation

Additionally we have experience with CRM, Enterprise Portals, Service Layer Telecom platforms and Billing systems.

Our key differentiator is our team. Our hiring process is very thorough and thought over. We spend a lot of time looking for unique individuals that can join us. We hire almost solely based on referrals from our current team members – this guarantees unprecedented success ratio of recruitment process.

Our team members, outside of their daily work, are expected to constantly expand their skills and knowledge to new areas. In particular, every team member that joins us with substantial technical background, is expected to immediately start building his business knowledge. And the other way around – every business orientated team member is supposed to become IT technology savvy.

We facilitate the process of building skills by both internal and external trainings. Our team members regularly meet to exchange ideas, skills and knowledge.
Try core3 out to experience out top-level quality and unique approach to IT services!

We help you become high-performance businesses.